We have a passion for fishing and this passion has now become our livelihood.
We have always had this innate passion which took us to Boavista in the Cape Verde islands many years ago.
A bleak, rocky, sandy region and coastline dotted with idyllic, unspoilt beaches surrounded by deep blue waters teeming with a multitude of marine species.
It is here that some of the world’s best fishing spots are to be found. You will encounter a variety of species including the yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dorado, amberjack, sailfish and the combative blue marlin, coveted prey for any fisherman.

The best results are achieved when work results from a passion for something: our aim is to give you the opportunity to experience this unique and unforgettable practice of recreational sport fishing, however, with the utmost respect for the surrounding nature.

Our professional skills acquired over years of experience in contact with these waters enable us to provide you with the best of service and specific technical assistance, appropriate for both beginners and expert fishermen.

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